Music Meets Medicine is beyond grateful for the following partnerships:


Kidd's Kids

Founded upon >15 years of history with the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, Music Meets Medicine is teaming up with Kidd's Kids to help integrate music into hospitals and raise money to support our two great causes!! Click here for more information on Kidd's Kids!!

Children's Medical Center

Music Meets Medicine has built a strong relationship with the music therapy program at Children's Medical Center over the years. MMM has worked hard to raise funds to support and expand this program, as well as open a therapeutic arts room, where MMM has a home and patients can explore instruments.

Cook Children's in Fort Worth

Music Meets Medicine is working to support and expand Cook Children's existing musical programs by donating money to sponsor studio time and professional musicians/engineers for recording original songs written by patients at Cook Children's. Music Meets Medicine is also working to expand the capabilities of the music therapists/engineers, allowing them to record the heartbeat of premature infants at the bedside. They can then integrate the patient's unique beats to compose a custom song for families to have long after their hospital experience, no matter what the medical outcome.